Together we can do more!!!

I have a feeling that I am not the only musician in Austin that can not find an appropriate outlet for my varied musical interests. I feel I can safely assume I’m not the only one un impressed and burnt out with the music scene status quo. I am not particularly unique in that I listen to and enjoy playing classical, jazz, folk, world, noise, post-rock, etc; or in that I desire to compose, arrange and perform music with these elements. I struggle because I have a serious drive to make music in a collaborative environment that takes into account all of my interests and influences, but I have not found a community of musicians and artists to do this with. I want to be able to write music for instruments I don’t play and perform it with other ‘real people.’ – no more being alone in front of the computer! Can my ideas be performed live? What would happen if the performer had freedom to improvise? How would my folk song sound with a string quartet and electronic drums? How would my electronic music sound performed live? (Just a couple of examples, but you’re getting the point). If you’re reading this and you share my interests and my perhaps my frustrations, then I have a proposition: LET’S GET TOGETHER!! As many of us as can fit in a room; with every instrument we can find; whatever level of improvisational and compositional experience; let’s meet and make something!

  1. Hunter said:

    Hmmmm, sounds like a good occasion for beer. Good ideas.

  2. Danny said:

    I hear the cry of a fellow musical awash in the nonsense of the modern obsession with self. I applaud you frien for reaching out and finding your community in the virtual realm.

    I am more than excited to see how I can help/participate in any ideas that you are creating. And I will be spreading the word as well.


    • Danny said:


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