What is it?

In the previous post I outlined a need in the community for an outlet for musicians whose interests and aesthetic leave them in the musical in-between. In a creative-minded city like Austin there is bound to be other inactive but talented musicians, people who play and write at home, people with big ideas but no resources. If all of us get together and work together, we can build an environment that is fertile for musical growth. Together we, the marginalized musicians of Austin, can create and perform new music and offer it to audiences in our community who are also marginalized. We can turn our artistic isolation and inactivity into a positive binding force in our city.

How do we do this? We create a something like a ramshackle community orchestra using whatever instruments we can play- or learn. Through improvisation and collaboration we compose new music. We then bring these new pieces to audiences that are often neglected (such as students, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, etc.). We will also perform and improvise in public spaces (while minding the law), circumscribing the established way of building an audience in Austin. We will pursue music for the love of music, not demanding results or recognition.

You may think, “Well, this all sounds fine and dandy, but who has the time and resources to accomplish something like this?” My answer is this: we give our time to the things we find most important, and if we don’t, we should. Together we can accomplish something positive. It may not look exactly like what I’m describing but we’ll be doing something, and that’s always better than doing nothing. Music brings people together by its very nature, and thus can be used as a force for peace and unity. Give it some thought. Let’s put our heads together to work out the details and see what WE can do.


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