Father Stephen Freeman somehow expresses my deepest feelings once again in his newest post: The Song of God. Such a good post. Improvising on the theme Fr. Steven set:

The polyphony of life and the world is seemly infinite without even taking into account an immanent, “everywhere present” and loving God. If you’ve ever studied or performed an eight part motet, it would be hard to imagine gathering together anymore elements into a cohesive whole, but our Father in heaven is able to cause all things to work together for the good of those that love Him?!?! A heart full of fear won’t perceive this beauty, but will only see chance and evil. Studying and enjoying music and the other arts offer a glimpse beyond our negative experience, a chance to peer behind the veil. A grateful heart always finds a a reason for joy. The beauty of Bach or John Coltrane’s music refuses to let you accept the world as you see it at first glance. The joy it gives is a mystery and demands further investigation. All good things are a gift from God, and if we seek with all our heart, we’ll find the Source of this beautiful mystery.